Permafrost Environmental Consulting (PEC)


Climate change presents a challenge to many areas of the globe, but none more so than the Arctic. Long-term temperature records from within the near surface permafrost zone of the northern hemisphere reveal that a warming trend of this layer has accelerated over the last 30 years. The observed recent climate warming of frozen soils and sediments presents significant challenges to the engineering of infrastructure in permafrost and to predicting the rates of mobility of contaminates in permafrost-affected terrain. Increases in permafrost temperatures result in changes to mechanical, hydraulic and thermal properties of soils and sediments, which in turn can impact negatively on pipelines, roads and utilities constructed in or on permafrost.

Notable Studies

  • . Mackenzie Highway Project
  • . Ground Thermal and Micro-Climatic Studies in Continuous, Discontinuous and Sporadic Permafrost
  • . Performance of Pipelines in Permafrost
  • . Mobility of Miscible and Immiscible Contaminates

Recent Reports And Publications

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