Permafrost Environmental Consulting (PEC)


Since 1976, PEC has been providing its clients with a wide range of consulting services, products, and monitoring and management solutions to meet the challenges imposed by ever-changing permafrost environments. The trend of warming ground temperatures over the last 30 years has resulted in changes to the mechanical, hydraulic, chemical, and thermal properties of permafrost-affected soils and sediments. Through technology transfer and advanced research and development, PEC expertise is keeping its clients on solid ground.

Study of Permafrost degradation beneath the Mackenzie highway, River between two Mountains,N.W.T.

Permafrost degradation

Environmental Impact Assessment of Oil and Gas Sumps in Permafrost

Environmental Impact

Micro structural analysis of frost heave susceptibility and contaminant mobility  in Permafrost affected soils and sediments

Frost heave susceptibility
and contaminant mobility

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