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Thomas L. White, PhD, President

Thomas L. White, PhD

Thomas L. White, PhD, President of PEC brings over 40 years of geotechnical and environmental experience in the laboratory and field, and in academic and government milieus to the company. Dr. White—formerly with the National Research Council of Canada (Geotechnical Section Permafrost Group, Division of Building Research) and former director of the Geotechnical Science Laboratories, Carleton University has managed projects at local, national and international levels. These projects include designing and monitoring pipelines in permafrost, analyzing frost action on roads and foundations, studying the behaviour of contaminants in permafrost affected soils, and studying the effects of climatic change on infrastructure in cold regions. Dr. White brings a unique blend of practical and theoretical know-how to problem solving of cold climate issues. By combining his body of scientific knowledge consisting of over sixty publications, patents and licences with his field and laboratory technical know-how and innovations he is able to offer a range of services within his company which are becoming increasingly more difficult to secure.

Outside of his busy professional life, Dr. White has over the last three decades volunteered within his community serving as President and now Director of the Lindenlea Community Association, cross country ski instructor, Scout leader and has served as a mentor to a number of graduate students at Carleton University and University of Cambridge. He is happily married to a gal he met in Akalvik of twenty five years who together have raised five children in an energy efficient (rarely heated) home in the heart of Ottawa.