Toolbox of Innovations

With 40 years of experience working with industry, government agencies, consulting firms and academia at local, national and international levels, Dr. Thomas White is an award winning innovator and patent holder with expertise particular to cold regions engineering. Some of these discoveries and innovations have been highlighted by colleagues, clients and collaborating partners and may be accessed by the links to web pages listed below.

Arrangements for the use of, or purchase of these innovations may be obtained under contract with PEC.

Innovations in Infrastructure Research

  • “Pipelines in Permafrost and Freezing Ground Engineering Resource Library and Database Indexes”
    • Released October 2006, now in its third printing.
  • Predictive Model for Frost Heave of Chilled Pipelines in Arctic Soils
  • Canada-France Ground Freezing Database
  • Reduction of Frost Action of Roads using Lightweight Aggregates
  • Cryogenic Alteration of Clay and Silt Microstructure Implications for Frost Heave
  • Magnetic Flux Soil Strain Gauge

Innovations in Contaminant Research

  • Contaminants in Freezing Ground and Permafrost Terrain 13 volume environmental engineering library
    • Released January 2014
  • Contaminated Arctic Soils Databases Database Library released January 2014
  • “Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Freezing Ground and Permafrost Terrain Resource Library and Database Indexes”
    • Release date is January 2011.
  • Predictive Model for Remediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Arctic Soils
  • Contaminated Arctic Soils Database
  • Microstructure Analytical Techniques for Contaminated Soils

Innovations in Climatic Change Research

  • Combined Thermal Conductivity and Water Content Measurement Probe
  • Thermal Conductimeter and Displacement Heat Flow Meter
  • Ground Thermal Regime Probe

Innovations under Development—seeking partnership/funding

  • Cryosol Anchor for Arctic Gas Pipelines
  • Arctic Bioremediation Emergency Response Unit
  • Gas Hydrates Recovery from Permafrost